• Electrical fires burn more than 44,000 homes a year. We know how to change it.

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How it works

Fire Suppression Sticker

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Shocking facts about electrical fires:

1) They happen more often than people think

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission estimates that electrical problems cause more than one-third of the nation’s residential fires. Worse yet, they often start inside a wall or during the night and go out of control before anyone even sees a flame.

2) The circuit breaker may never trip

Circuit breakers protect from overloads, but fires usually begin from arcing. An arc can happen with no overload, so the breakers won’t help. And if your breakers are more than 10 years old, they may not trip during an overload either.

3) A great electrician can only do so much

A skilled electrical specialist can certainly make a house safer, but many factors beyond human control can increase risk. For example, outlet wires can gradually loosen as plugs go into and out of the sockets. Those loose wires may eventually cause sparks.

4) High-quality components can fail

Anything can fail, including quality checks during the production of top-quality parts. Even famous international corporations have recalled products. But it’s difficult to keep track of recalls, increasing your risk of using faulty components.

You also have to maintain and replace parts because everything breaks down over time. So you need to know when a product was installed and how long it should last to know when to replace it.

"Return Unused" program

Even if you do all the math, you may still want to err on the side of caution and buy more than you need. Our "Return Unused" program lets you send back unused products or part of your House Protection Bundle within 30 days for a partial refund. Please see our Shipping Policy page for more details.

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Does fire extinguisher things! It's so good. Must be working since fires aren't even showing up, they must be scared cause this thing would destroy them!

Michelle, BC

We bought an old house and installed FSS to feel safe.

Anny, Ontario

Wow!!! Easy to install and working fine. 

Kevin, Squamish

Products come quick and as described. Very satisfied. 

Mike, Toronto