Core technology:

Our products are made using microencapsulation technology.

Highly effective extinguishing agent is placed in polymeric shells (microcapsules). The size of microcapsules is 50-500 micrometers. 

Capsules- Laid polymer matrix filled with microcapsules containing volatile high-extinguishing liquid
- In the event of overheating, sparks, or flame  the microcapsules explosively collapse and discard gaseous fire-extinguishers in the environment.
- Actuation temperature is controlled within 100-120 degrees.
- Capsules shell protect fire extinguishing agent from evaporation over time.  

Microcapsule structure:


Fire Suppression Sticker structure:

Fire extinguishing agent:

Perfluoro (Fluoroketones) – are synthetic organic substances which constitute a colorless liquid with a faint odor, they are 1.6 times heavier than water and do not conduct electricity. They quickly passes from the liquid state to the gaseous state, and actively absorb the  fire's thermal energy. Fire suppression is achieved due to the cooling effect (70%), and the chemical reaction of the flame inhibition (30%). The substance evaporates instantly, without entering into chemical reactions, and its dielectric properties prevent a short circuit.

Perfluoro (Fluoroketones) extinguishes fires by removing heat. All fires need heat, oxygen, and a fuel source to continue to burn. By removing any of these three elements, you can extinguish the fire. Other fire suppression agents, such as carbon dioxide, remove oxygen. Because Perfluoro removes heat instead of oxygen, it is safer to use in occupied spaces, because it does not pose a suffocation risk for people. 

Perfluoro (Fluoroketones) is not toxic. The gas release does not lower the oxygen content in the air. The effective heat absorption reduces the level of human exposure to toxic combustion products.

Perfluoro (Fluoroketones) are easily degraded in the upper atmosphere under ultraviolet light. They are removed from the environment in 5 days