House protection bundles (FSS bundles)

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You can choose one of our bundles based on your house size. 

If anything does not fit your electrical panels or you have left some unused items you can always return them and get a refund using our "return unused" program.

Moreover, buying in bundles gives you up to 20% discount from the retail prices. 

What is included:

Small house bundle: Firesticker 20 - 1 pcs, Firesticker Outlet - 10pcs

Medium house bundle: Firesticker 30 - 1 pcs, Firesticker Outlet - 20 pcs

Big house bundle: Firesticker 30 - 1 pcs, Firesticker 20 - 1 pcs, FSS Outlet - 30 pcs

Detached garage/small house: Firesticker 20 - 1 pcs, Firesticker Outlet - 5pcs