Fire Suppression Stickers (FSS)

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Our core product, designed for fire protection and automatic fire extinguishing of electrical panels, load centers, electrical distribution boxes, and other enclosures from 10 to 65 liters. 


Protected volume

FSS Dimensions Lifespan
FSS 10  Up to 10 L 100x25mm 10 years
FSS 20  Up to 20 L 100x50mm 10 years
FSS 30 Up to 30 L 150x50mm 10 years
FSS 65 Up to 65 L 200x100mm 10 years

Can be used with:

  • Load centers
  • Breaker boxes
  • Electrical panels
  • Generator panels
  • Transfer switches
  • Device boxes
  • Gang boxes
  • Ceiling boxes

How to install

How to choose the model of FSS

Where to install

How to install

Fire suppression stickers test video

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